• educate.

    Grace is truly passionate about what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious. She will be upfront and honest with you. Using her experience, Grace will transform your surviving practice into a thriving practice.

  • empower.

    Grace will challenge you to welcome change and to come to your own conclusions about which marketing solutions are best suited to grow your practice.

  • entertain.

    You aren’t going to get the same boring speech with Grace. Her quick wit and sense of humor will grab your attention and her expertise and knowledge will keep your attention.

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What People Are Saying

John Chatham Testimonial

After attending Grace’s seminar I immediately thought, ‘finally somebody who understands marketing dental practices and how to effectively attract and retain new patients.’

John A. Chatham, III Henry Schein, Inc. VP Global Sales Leadership & Development June 15, 2016

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Educate. Empower. Entertain.

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