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Dental SpeakerWhat is a great website? What features or functions come to mind when you think of an effective website. Our team of results-driven, creative minds thrive on helping dentists and dental professionals showcase their skills and attract new patients through effective website design. This month we’re highlighting Upper Valley Pediatric Dentistry’s website (

Scrolling Is In

We love that this website features a vibrant homepage that builds as you scroll. Have you noticed the trend in web design emphasizing up and down scrolling? Mobile devices have quickly gained prominence as the way people access websites and information. People are fast becoming used to scrolling to see more. Not only does scrolling work great for mobile websites, but it can translate over to the desktop as well.

Your Website Should Feature Your Skills and Expertise

The goal of any professional website should be two-fold: showcase yourself and explain what you can do for prospective patients. We chose to highlight the groups and organizations that Dr. Saunders is a member of in the footer of her website. When you visit the about page, you will see an actual photo of the doctor with a short biography. Patients want to put a face to the name. Every website should include a doctor and team photo.

Use Real Photos

The goal of your website is to welcome new patients to your office. An effective way to create an inviting atmosphere is to set expectations with real office photos. Show off your reception area and treatment room. We love that this website features a few real office photos on the homepage.

Your website should attract patients, not drive them away. If you are ready to modernize your existing website or start fresh with a brand new one, we can help. Contact us for a free consultation.

3 Steps to a 5 Star Reputation

Dental Marketing Speaker

Dental SpeakerIf you haven’t yet realized, people value online reviews. Google reviews get substantial exposure and contribute to your SEO efforts. Often, our clients ask for tips to help them become more successful in gaining dozens and even hundreds of 5 star reviews online. Read on to for the simplest ways to implement a strategy that will boost 5-star reviews.

Step 1: Ask your patient about her experience. After each appointment, ask your patient if she had a nice visit today. If she seems happy with your service, communication and care, she will respond with positive feedback. Upon receiving that positive feedback, let her know how much she means to you. Let her know you enjoy seeing her and value her business.

Step 2: Create a script to request the review. Involve the reason for this request. “Cathy, thank you for the positive feedback. It’s always a pleasure spending time with you. We’re finding that reviews on Google are helping new patients to consider us for care. Would you please write a review for me today? It should only take a minute.”

Step 3: Make it easy for the patient. This can be done in one of three ways.

  1. You can use an automation tool to automatically text the patient following their appointment. This text will ask about their satisfaction. After receiving positive feedback, it will automatically open to a page where the patient can leave her review. It’s very simple and has helped dozens of our clients gain hundreds of reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook. Email: for more information.
  2. You can hand the patient a card with a link to a page on your website. Once visiting that page, they can click on the icon of the review site of their choice to leave a public review.
  3. You can text the patient a link to your Google 5-Star Review link. We can create this for you.

Step 4: Thank your patient for her support.

Remember, the best way to get 5-star reviews is to provide 5-star service. Make the patient feel important. People will not remember what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel.

Are You Prepared for the Future of Dentistry?

What will the dental profession will look like in 10 years? Are you and your team prepared to face the future with a successful action plan?

As a dentist, you are used to thinking about the big picture. This is true when you are caring for your patients, as they turn to you for your expertise to establish a lifetime of optimal oral health. But do you employ the same forward-thinking strategies to ensure the long-term health of your business?

Dentistry is changing. New technology is constantly being developed leading to entirely new procedures, which in turn creates a new market of patients who could benefit from your services. Furthermore, the business landscape of the profession is evolving. What used to be a field dominated by independently owned practices has become increasingly more corporate-based. Ask yourself where your practice fits into the landscape of differing business models in dentistry.

If one thing is for certain in dentistry, it is that the future will continue to bring change. Did you ever think you would be ordering supplies from your smartphone or connecting with potential new patients on Facebook? The future will likely bring innovations bridging the education and communication gap between dentist and patient.

Like today, the key to success will lie in your ability to build trusting, loyal relationships. It is essential that your marketing messages hone in on the unique qualities that make your practice and your team stand out from the crowd. A re-branding strategy can help freshen your practice’s appeal to your community and attract your ideal new patient.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The future will bring changes to the dental profession, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise nor should it be a cause for concern. Face the future with optimism and an action plan.

Good is not Enough.


Recently, I purchased a membership to a subscription food service. I did this for many reasons, but mostly for my health. Each week, 3 meals arrive at my door with ingredients, portions and cooking instructions.

After getting my first few recipes and ingredients I was excited. My life quality, health and wellness was instantly improved. Then I started thinking of ways it could be even better.

I visited Facebook and saw a few ads for a competitor. After subconsciously realizing there are several competitors, I became a bit critical of the service and wondered how it could be even better.

I identified 3 weaknesses – in my opinion.

  1. The meals did not come separate in small boxes that can easily be placed in my refrigerator. Instead, I had to separate the ingredients when storing.
  2. The meals did not come with caloric and nutrient information.
  3. The meals were a bit too “gourmet” for my taste. They utilized ingredients that wouldn’t be easy to find or duplicate in the future. If I found something I just truly LOVED, I couldn’t repeat it for a dinner party.

Next, I ordered from a competitor. I noticed the meals came in small individual boxes with vented holes for freshness. They were labeled with caloric information and the meals were, for lack of a better word, “normal”.

The takeaway…

If you want to be the best, don’t settle for “good”. Keep finding ways to improve your service. Your patients want to know you are the absolute best option available. They don’t want to find another dentist, but in a time where information is available 24/7 at our fingertips, never give them a reason to question if you’re their absolute best option.

When it comes to being the best option in any business, the top performers are identified by tiny details. When it comes to profits and financial performance, going the extra mile in customer service often results in substantial financial gain.

When evaluating your business on your marketing plan, service, amenities (that’s right amenities), patient communication, team efficiency, office decor…remember, success is in the details.

Success does not come to those who wait. Success comes to those who get up and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Don’t be good. Be the greatest.

The 3 Types of Dentists

I’ve been marketing dentists all over the country for about a decade. In this time, I’ve learned quite a bit about how they interpret information. Understanding how to best communicate with my clients has allowed me to provide custom marketing solutions in a timely way.

I know each dentist that I meet is different, but for fun, I have come up with the 3 types of dentists that I most enjoy working with. Here it goes…


The first type of dentist that I love working with is The Perfectionist. These are the meticulous men and women who enjoy big cases, cosmetics and often advanced services. When interviewing the perfectionist, he or she will tell me that they are “really good dentists” technically speaking. I find many general dentists, prosthodontists, endodontists and oral surgeons fall into this category. They talk about how their work almost never fails and how much continuing education they’ve received. They are often excited about the latest and greatest technology and can’t help but talk about their gadgets. This dentist may enjoy photography or another artistic hobby. This doctor is going to want a website that shows ALL of what he or she can do. I often have to remind the perfectionist dentist that EVERYTHING CANNOT STAND OUT. I help them to prioritize information and selling points for the best ROI. Once I establish myself as the expert and show them that I too am a perfectionist in my field, it’s smooth sailing. I must always explain exactly why we chose a certain layout, font style, color, photo, phone number placement, etc. The perfectionist dentist is a GREAT client for me, because he or she is an open communicator and will give me the feedback I need to make sure he or she loves his or her website. When working with the perfectionist, I must be sure to give him or her deadlines. It’s too easy for this type to slip into paralysis by analysis. It’s up to my team to set deadlines to keep projects moving along. We’ve become experts at working with these doctors and pride ourselves in embracing the characteristics that make the perfectionist doctor GREAT at dentistry and patient care.

The second type of dentist that I love to work with is the People Person. Often times this doctor entered the field because he or she had a parent or relative that was a dentist. This dentist loves talking with the patients and building relationships. When interviewing this doctor, he or she will tell me about giving back, mission trips or community involvement. He or she will also mention providing high quality work, for the benefit of the patient. This dentist values team training and his or her team enjoys work. This dentist may suffer from the tendency to run late, as he or she gets wrapped up in discussions with patients and team members. This dentist feels energized when he or she can change a patients’ life through dentistry. He or she prefers to build his or her practice organically and sometimes feels guilty about marketing or advertising. I often have to tell this dentist how marketing can benefit his or her community. The exposure allows residents to know he or she is an option. Orthodontists who fall in this category often do very well because they not only establish bonds with patients, but also with referring doctors and local business owners. It’s always a pleasure to take this doctor’s phone call. He or she often starts the call with, “How are your children?” or “How is the weather in Chicago today?” He or she truly enjoys connecting with others. It’s easy to market the sociable doctor, once we get past his or her underlying feeling that “marketing is unnecessary or bad”. This doctor has a very difficult time letting go of an employee. Once this doctor understands how marketing can help him or her to connect with more, great patients it’s smooth sailing.

The third type of dentist that I love working with, is the business person / CEO. This is my personal favorite, mainly because I relate most to this type. On occasion I get the pleasure of working with a dentist that views his practice as a business. He truly embraces his or her role as CEO and wants to build the practice to its full financial potential. These doctors are money motivated, and understand what it takes to grow a business. They read their monthly reports and will even call to discuss them if something doesn’t make sense. This is the doctor that can tell me instantly on a first phone call how many new patients they are seeing on a monthly base and where they are coming from. This doctor is likely to attend business related CE courses and may even consider hiring associates and opening additional locations. This doctor enjoys building relationships and also has an interest in technology, but isn’t afraid to market those points for both his/her benefit and the benefit of his or her community. This doctor has confidence and isn’t slow to let go of a sluggish or underperforming employee. It can be a challenge for this doctor to stick with a given marketing campaign long enough to see results. Setting realistic expectations is vital in working with this type.

All of our clients have the same goal: to grow their business. All are excellent at serving their community by providing excellent oral health.  All enjoy helping people. All have some strengths in business. I personally love working with dentists. I chose to focus my business in providing marketing solutions for dentists exclusively because I saw a need for ethical solutions for dentists. I saw many companies were not taking the time to learn about what makes EACH dentist different and to market EACH business individually. I saw that many other marketing companies were not taking the time to learn about the doctor’s specific goals and pain points and do things to help. I love the field of dentistry and I love working with dentists and their teams. It’s rewarding to contribute to an area of work that is undervalued and under appreciated by the general public. Through marketing, we educate the community about the importance of oral healthcare.

Why Marketing Doesn’t Work

I’ve been doing some soul searching.

I’m pained to ask myself this question. Why doesn’t marketing ALWAYS work the same way for each dentist? WHY?!!!

When sitting in a lecture today, hearing a TOP producing doctor, one of my clients, talk about his successes, I ask myself, “Why?”.

“Why can it work so well for him, and not for others?”

The truth is, it’s not about what we do, or even how we do it. It has so much to do with WHO YOU ARE.

Are you the kind of person who welcomes change? Do you seek strategies to get in front of new patients? Do you seek ways to maximize your profits and continually grow (financially and personally). Are you the kind of person who has true VISION. Do you imagine your goals first, then create a plan to achieve it?

I’ve always said, a successful business owner, entrepreneuer, or inventor is born and not made. This week, I’m realizing, that’s not necessarily true.

The doctors in the room with me, who are investing in business related CE are the top docs! They seek training. They seek to learn from the experts. They challenge themselves to come up with new business strategies.

I am going to make it my mission to provide the motivation necessary to get my clients hooked on business growth.

Look for this newest consulting solution very soon!!

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John Chatham Testimonial

After attending Grace’s seminar I immediately thought, ‘finally somebody who understands marketing dental practices and how to effectively attract and retain new patients.’

John A. Chatham, III Henry Schein, Inc. VP Global Sales Leadership & Development June 15, 2016

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